Arise and Shine: Hot Air Balloons

These fabulous paper mache hot air balloons have sparked a few ideas to go along with the 2012 Mutual Theme“Arise and shine forth, that thy light may be a standard for the nations” Doctrine and Covenants 115:5.
Paper Mache Hot Air Balloons
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New Beginnings
  • Hot Air Balloon theme
  • When introducing the YW Values I envision a young woman either holding up a Hot Air Balloon in the color of the value - maybe even having the value on the balloon itself - and after explaining the value and reciting the scripture, placing the Hot Air Balloon into a backdrop filled with white clouds and a sun - representing the Savior.
  • Or, the Hot Air Balloons could already be hanging as the backdrop, and the young woman places a tea light into the basket of the balloon as the value is being introduced.  Resulting in a backdrop of beautiful glowing value balloons filling the sky.
These are too phenomenal for words!


Hot air balloon mobile (by Claire Waring)
DIY Fabric Hot Air Balloon Mobile
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Room Decor
  • Have the YW values (and scripture references) modge podged onto hot air balloons and hung from the ceiling (as a backdrop for Opening Exercises).  Of course, there would have to be a few fluffy white clouds and a sun - representing the Savior.
  • The value balloon for the month's focus value could be placed on the table for opening exercises.  Illuminated with a battery operated tea light.  Or you could simply leave it hanging and illuminate it.  I can see it!  It is beautiful!
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Paper Cloud Mobile
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  • The YW could get together before New Beginnings and create a balloon for each value.  Realize this would take a couple activities because of the drying time involved.
  • As a class, the girls could make them, fill with goodies and deliver to less active girls
Camp Theme
  • Wouldn't  a camp filled with colorful Hot Air Balloons be wonderful?
  • Each cabin could create their own Hot Air Balloon, in their color, to place in front of their cabins.
DIY Paper Hot Air Balloon Mobile
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2012 Mutual Theme Launch
  • Make hot air balloon lumieres for all YM/YW to launch - after a fireside introducing the 2012 Mutual Theme.
  • Sky Lanterns/Mini Hot Air Balloons can be purchased for as little as $2.00 a piece.  You can find them here, here here, and here.
  • Or you could have a separate activity where the youth make their own Hot Air Balloon out of tissue paper.  It would take a whole activity.  When I was working at a Treatment Center for Troubled Youth we had a night where one of the interns from BYU made these with the kids.  They loved it!  I loved it!  And what an awesome site!
  • Here is another handmade Hot Air Balloon idea: click photo for link to tutorial
I found this article Stand on A Cloud, by Richard M Romney, New Era, June 1984. It contains some wonderful lessons using the idea of a Hot Air Balloon being tied to the 2012 Mutual Theme. (I think it does) :)
It begins with a description of an Hot Air Balloon Festival in New Mexico. This is what I took from reading the article - when keeping the theme in mind. Here are a few ideas coupled with a quote from the article:
1. We are to "Arise and Shine as a standard for the nations".
2. You cannot do it on your own. You need your Heavenly Father and a Savior. Your parents and family. Your leaders. A living prophet to guide you.
  • It isn't an easy task to prepare the balloons for flight. And it could not be done alone. "Many of the ward members joined the chase crew—the people and vehicles who follow along behind the balloon on the ground and assist when it lands. That’s where the history comes in. The Komadinas hold the record for the Fiesta’s largest chase crew ever—97 people in 23 vehicles."
3.  Learning through the spirit.  Line upon line.  Then taking flight spiritually.
  • The balloons are filled and take flight.  "The propane burner then heats the air, which rises inside the envelope, inflating it even more.  The balloon then tries to assume an upright position. But if that happens too fast, the balloon will not inflate properly..."
 4. People watch. We are an example. "A standards for the nations".
  • Thousands gather to watch the balloons.  "Buses arrive, full of tour groups, senior citizens, school children, the handicapped. City buses, school buses, trucks, trailers, campers, and cars are all guided to parking areas by flashlight-toting service groups." 
5. We need to be living the gospel.  Stand in holy places.
  • "Balloons only fly in calm, clear skies."
6. Follow the commandments. Pray. Hold to the rod.
  • "They discuss safety (it’s important not to get in or out of the basket unless told to, because ballast is critical), preparation for landing (it’s important to remember to bend your knees to help absorb the impact), and flying techniques (the balloon drifts with the wind, but by ascending or descending, the pilot can usually find a breeze headed in the direction he wants to go)."
7. Importance of a testimony.  Keeping a journal.
  • “Sometimes I get cold and grouchy early in the morning,” Amy said. “But then I remember my first flight."
Here are a few more quotes from the article:
  • It is flight without wings, flight without a runway or the whine of jet engines. Because the balloon floats with the breeze, there is no sensation of motion. It is, indeed, like standing on a cloud, quietly watching the earth beneath.
  • “When I’m up here, I think about Heavenly Father,” Jennifer said. “I feel close to him, peaceful, when I see the world he’s created and how big it is. You somehow know he’s in charge.”
  • “You get some idea of who you are and how small you would be on your own. But you also get a feeling for what Heavenly Father has made, what he can help you accomplish if you have him on your side.”
  • “Nobody doesn’t love a balloon,” Amy said. “We fly over people’s houses that we know, and you can see everything. People come running out in shower caps and bath robes just to wave. If you drop down low, you can hear the dogs barking and see horses run back and forth, but nobody complains.”
  • “People here are used to balloons,” Jenny added. “It’s a mutual benefit. Pilots love to fly them, and people on the ground love to watch them float by.”

I also came across this article, which has a wonderful tie to obedience:
Drew Neel of Dayton, Ohio , by Richard M Romney, Friend, October 2002
He tells how he once built a hot-air balloon during a class visit to the flight museum. “We made it out of paper, then filled it with hot air and it flew!” he says. Through that activity, he learned about obedience. “The balloon works because hot air rises,” he says. “It’s a natural law.” And when laws are obeyed, whether they are laws of flight or laws of life, the obedience brings blessings.
Hot Air Balloon Decoration
Love the stripes!
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Refreshment Table Idea
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Hot Air Balloon Cupcakes & Lollipops
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Photo Op
*As I am looking at this picture another idea comes to mind...
The bags of sand could represent things of the world, bad habits, etc. which hold you down.
As we remove these things we are able to RISE!
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Up and Away Hot Air Balloon Sugar Cookies
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Hot Air Balloon Tea Party
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Hot Air Balloon Invitation
You should take a look at the whole party!
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I just like this illustration.
So I thought I'd share.  :)
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Invite Idea
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