GAME: Evolution

This is a fun, fast paced, group game.
Explain that there are four characters (see details below).  The goal is to become a Super Hero! Once everyone is a Super Hero, the game is complete.
The game begins with everyone walking around as an egg. When you approach each other, you play rock-paper-scissors. The winner advances to the next character: egg, chicken, dinosaur, super hero - in that order. The loser either remains an egg, or goes down a level (if you are a chicken or a dinosaur). Everyone continues to walk around, playing rock-paper-scissors. Once you become a super hero, you are invincible. You cannot lose your status, but you continue to play rock-paper-scissors until everyone becomes a super hero.
  1. Eggs - hands held above head, cuffed into an egg shape.
  2. Chickens - strut around, clucking, bobbing their heads, holding their hands up to their arm-pits, and flapping their arms.
  3. Dinosaurs - take giant steps, leaning slightly forward at the hips, arms raised in a curled forward position, and roar.
  4. Super Hero - fly around, arms stretched out.

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  1. I wish I would have found your page 2 months ago! We are on the last week of a home-school coop, where I am teaching team building through exercises and games and I ran out of games last week. Thank you so much for the games and inspiration!


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