GAME: Throw Up

Everybody stands in a circle.  Person in the middle throws up the ball and yells a name of someone standing in the circle (we will call him Bob). Bob runs in and tries to catch the ball before it touches the ground.  If Bob doesn’t catch the ball everybody else will run away until Bob gets the ball and yells “freeze!”  Then Bob will (frozen himself) try to throw the ball and tag someone.  If Bob hits someone, then that person is out.  If not then the Bob is out. The game continues with either Bob standing in the middle of the circle – or the person he tried to tag with the ball, but missed.

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  1. that's awesome! mostly because i grew up playing that game in my front yard with the neighborhood friends. We called it SPUD. I got no idea why. And for us if you missed the person or you got hit, you got a letter. S first, then P and so on. If you got all 4 letters then you were out for good.


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