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I recently received an email from a sweet mom telling me about her 12 year old daughter and her daughter's friend.  The two girls decided to publish a website to teach people about being LDS - and use it as a value project. The site is LOL 4 LDS – "Lessons of Life for LDS".
I love that these two young women are taking the time to study the gospel, trying to really understand it, and are willing to share it with anyone and everyone. Anastasia and Callie will come to understand that the time they put into this project will bless their lives more than anyone else. :) To anyone who has ever taught a lesson, wouldn't you agree?
Everything they have posted thus far links directly back to - videos, scriptures, and even where to find the nearest lds church. :)
I love how they share the Articles of Faith... not only did they post all 13 Articles of Faith, they explained them in their own words. Such wonderful insights. I am looking forward to their upcoming lesson on the sacrament, which it looks like they are having some boys, who just happen to be deacons - who actually pass the sacrament, help them out.
I believe it is safe to assume this is going to be more than a 10 hour project. ;) I look forward to what these two young women have to share!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing their website. Your words brought tears to my eyes. It is great to know that others will be able to read and learn from them. They have put their hearts into this project with little help from the parents. From a thankful and proud mamma!!


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