YW CAMP: Your Wonderful Journey Home

Our theme for YW Camp (2014) was "Your Wonderful Journey Home". It was an amazing week! Here are just a few snippets from our week at camp:

"Coming Home"
Lyrics by Shawna Edwards

A hundred paths that lead,
to a thousand broken dreams
A million ways to trade your soul
for lesser things
The only path I see,
that is paved with love and peace
The one true way that leads to him,
is everything I need

He is hope, when a journey begins;
He is strength in the wind
He is faith when my courage wears thin
He is rest when I’m weary and worn,
He’s the place where I’m loved and I’m known
When I come unto Christ, it feels like I’m…
coming home.

A hundred thoughts to share,
and a thousand whispered prayers
A million ways to feel His love
and know He’s there
So trusting I will go,
whether long or hard the road
That He Will Walk, each step with me,
is all I need to know

I won’t waste a day chasing trinkets and noise
I Will Walk in His light and hear only His voice

When I come unto Christ, it feels like I’m…coming home
..…..coming home…..I am coming home

One of the most exciting things about camp is finding out what the over-all theme is and what color your "year" is going to be assigned. This year the over-all theme was world travel. This is what our camp looked like. Just imagine the decorations and attire!

1st Years 
"Lucky Lassies"
2nd Year
"Chiquita Bonita"
3rd Years
The Islands
"Tropical Beauties"
4th Years
"Dragon Warriors"
YCL 2's
"Safari Sisters"
"American Airlines"

My Wonderful Journey Home
2 Nephi 31:20
He Walks With Me
Joshua 1:9
He Lights My Path
St John 8:12
He is My Strength in the Wind
Heleman 5:12
He Loves Me
Galations 2:20
He Is My Way Home
2 Nephi 31:20
We were asked, as the YW Stake Presidency, to prepare a presentation for one of the night devotionals. We went with the theme of world travel, visiting all the the locations from around the world which were being represented throughout camp (Ireland, Mexico, Africa, the Islands, China). We turned our outdoor amphitheater into our airplane, the stage was our flight deck.
We dressed as pilots, black pants, white collared/button-up shirts, we used yellow duct tape and permanent black markers to create our "stripes", blue/red ties (to match the American Airline colors), pilot hats, dark sunglasses and pilot wings.
There was a large screen in the center of the stage which we used for our in-flight entertainment and up-to-date flight status notifications. :) The three of us sat off to the side of the stage at our "control panel" (laptop and scripts).
This is what was on the screen as the YW and leaders boarded the plane (arrived).
We had a couple leaders dressed as flight attendants. They passed out bags of peanuts and drinks to all the YW as they watched this short video:
Then our journey began.
pilots = narrators
Here are snapshots of the presentation - including videos - which were shown on the large screen. As we traveled, we "visited" someone from each area. They shared a personal experience which exemplified one of the daily camp themes. 

One of our young women from our Hmong ward, shared her father's personal experience of his journey to America and finding the gospel. Such a powerful testimony.

When this music video began, we (the pilots) each put on Hawaiian leis. We sang along and danced in our chairs. It would have been hard not too! :) Love this song!

One of our young women dressed in an African attire, including head wrap. She shared, in first person, the story of the woman pictured below. The missionary shown in the photos is from our area and shared this beautiful experience for us to share with the YW.

We ended the night by singing our theme song all together. And of course everyone stood arm in arm! Love YW camp!!