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I received another email recently about "a great resource for personal progress".  Daily Progress, a blog created by Samantha Keyes.
Samantha writes: "This blog was started as I began looking for a way to complete personal progress. For me, it's always been a matter of feeling overwhelmed by the huge task at hand or just forgetting. In a ward leadership meeting with our Stake Young Women's leaders, one of them said something that stuck with me. She suggested we ask our girls 'What are you doing TODAY for Personal Progress?' So I made a calendar with a few small tasks to do each day. I only needed to look at that day and nothing else. We're talking simple. Say morning and evening prayers today. The next day, read a scripture. The next day, evaluate an experience and check it off if you can. Easy-peasy, right?
Well, I thought if I was going to take the time to plan it all out that I might as well share it. And so began this blog...."  Daily Progress
Thank you for sharing Samantha! You were right, this is a great resource. It is almost like having a good friend working on personal progress right along with you. I especially love your encouraging words each day. :) 

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