Rose Inspired

"As a Mia Maid"
by Freshaire Designs
Rose Petal Jelly
"It has a sweet light lemon flavor, followed with a gentle floral note from the rose petals."
recipe found here, from Symphonious Sweets
Class activity idea:
Prepare a batch of rose petal jelly (possibly fresh bread).
Deliver it, along with a fresh cut rose, to a few chosen individuals
who have shown "true beauty" in the way they live their lives.
DIY Rose Earrings
tutorial here, from Grosgrain Fabulous
another tutorial here, from PS: heart
These precious little earrings are so easy to make.
The roses (found at Michael's) would also make great pendants for necklaces.
Oh, you could also glue them onto a ring blank for an adorable ring.
Great incoming Mia Maid gifts or craft for a class activity...  just saying.
DIY Egg Carton Roses
tutorial here, from Rosi Jo'
Can you believe these beautiful roses were made from an egg carton?
This would be a fun craft to make after a mini lesson on recycling.
diy-giant-paper-flower tutorial
DIY Giant Paper Rose Flower
great step-by-step photo tutorial here, from Green Wedding Shoes
These would be such a fun welcome for a new Mia Maid!
Leave it on her doorstep with a note.
Or present it to her during class on her first Sunday as a Mia Maid.
I am sure she would get a lot of attention in the hallways.  :)
rose cookie
Rose Cookies
cookie and frosting recipes here, from i am baker
These adorable rose cookies (all in the frosting decor) are perfect for a Mia Maid luncheon.
Yes, I am throwing the idea out there...
I think Mia Maids should have an annual luncheon.
The Beehives in our stake have an annual Beehive Conference,
why can't the Mia Maids have an annual luncheon?
There, I said it. (well, typed it)  :)
Rose Covered Cake
also from i am baker, tutorial here
This technique could be taught during a cake decorating activity.
I love this, wanted to share.
Ric Rac Rosettes
various techniques here, from LayLock
Use these delicate little rosette on rings, hanging from a necklace,
made into a hair pin, grouped onto a headband or set as a brooch.
Great craft or gift.
also from LayLock
from AtticGals
Camera Strap
For all you photographers!

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