Personal Progress Recognition

Here are a few ways (found in the Personal Progress Booklet:  Overview for Young Women section) to recognize the accomplishments the young women are making in the Personal Progress Program:
  • Young Women Meetings:  When all of the experiences and the project in a value are completed, we are to recognize their accomplishments.  This would be the time to present them with the appropriate emblem to place in their Personal Progress books (page 78), also presenting them with a ribbon for their scriptures.
  • Young Women in Excellence:  This, of course, is a time we give them the opportunity to share their accomplishments.
  • Class Advancement:  Success in personal progress may also be noted when certificates of advancement are received.
Now, here is the question and hopefully idea share:

"As leaders, how are you recognizing the accomplishments your young women are making in the Personal Progress Program?"


  1. We have a poster board chart in the young women's closet where we track their progress with stickers.

  2. One thought - Fast Sunday is a great time to acknowledge what the young women have accomplished the previous month. During opening exercises. The important thing is to be consistent. That way they know what to expect, and are hopefully motivated to do a little more.


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