A Gathering Place

A simple shoe box can be a wonderful gathering place for handouts and mementos from time spent in the Young Women program.  "I still have a box filled with handouts...  which remind me of lessons I have been taught."

A shoe box would fit nicely into a young women's hope chest, wouldn't it?  :)
This idea could be presented during a Sunday lesson on keeping a journal and preserving memories.  You could have a box available for them if budget allows, or simply have the girls bring a small box of choice:
  • an old shoe box (make sure it is a sturdy one though - you want it to last)
  • photo storage box (you can usually find these for less than $5.00 at Joann's or Micheal's)
  • clear plastic container with lid (Dollar Stores are a great place to find these)
You could also set aside time during a week night activity to have the girls decorate their boxes.  Wrapping them in gift wrap, scrapbook paper, photographs, really anything they would like.  You can find instructions on decorating shoe boxes hereOr do an internet search for other ideas, there are so many out there.
If you really want to help them get organized, they could create sections within the box for different topics, such as dating, scripture study, or any/all of the young women values.  Personally, I just like the idea of rummaging through the box and having random memories of lessons and activities.

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