Penny for an Idea

At the beginning of the year I started searching for pennies from every one's birth years and anniversaries (oops, I let the cat out of the bag!).  I've done pretty good, I am only missing a few of the years.  I have them in a Ziploc bag, ready to be displayed in a cute little frame.  I thought it would make a fun custom birthday/anniversary gift.
I just came across these Lucky Penny Keychains and have been inspired to possibly use these pennies in a different way.  Now all I have to do is figure out how to punch the holes.
This would be a wonderful addition to Project HOPE CHEST.
This idea would even be fun to use in making custom necklaces for each of our young women.  A gift to present them on their birthday.  I suppose the key chains would be great for our Laurels.  :)
Your kids would love these penny stunts!  I found them in an article titled "Fun with Pennies", from The Friend, January 1984.  This might be fun for a Family Home Evening activity, possibly after a lesson about tithing, saving for a mission, or money management.
Before you put your pennies into a piggy bank, you might like to try these stunts with them. Some aren’t as easy as they seem!
  1. Submerge a small glass right side up in the bottom of a large wide-mouthed bottle filled with water. Then try to drop pennies into the glass.
  2. Press a penny firmly against the center of your forehead, slide it upward about an inch, let go, and it will stay there.
  3. Lie flat on your back on the floor. Have someone put a penny on the tip of your nose. Without moving your head, try to dislodge the coin by wiggling your nose.
  4. Stand with your feet together and your heels against a wall. Have someone place a penny about eighteen inches in front of your toes. Without moving your heels from the wall, try to pick up the coin.
  5. Hold out one hand, palm up. Have someone place a penny on each fingertip except the thumb. See if you can get all the pennies into one pile on a fingertip without using the thumb or other hand.
  6. Have a friend put an even number of pennies in one closed fist and an odd number in the other. Announce that without looking you can tell which hand holds the even number of pennies. Ask the person holding the pennies to multiply the number of pennies in his right hand by five, the number in his left hand by six. The two results are added together and the total number announced. If it is an even number, the even number of pennies is in the right hand. If the total is an odd number, the number of pennies in the right hand will be odd.

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