Glow Ball

Tonight we combined with the Young Men and played multiple rounds of Glow Ball - similar to dodgeball - but you play in the dark, using glow-in-the-dark balls.  So fun and intense!

GTV-L Tachikara Neo-GloGTV-L Tachikara Neo-GloGTV-L Tachikara Neo-GloGTV-L Tachikara Neo-Glo

We prepared the cultural hall by covering all the exit signs and other lights with black paper.  Making it pitch black.  and ofcourse the glow balls needed to be charged (placed in a bright area/sunlight for a long period of time).
The balls were placed in the middle of the room.
Everyone took their place along the outer walls of the room.
"On your mark.  Get set. (lights out)  Let the throwing begin!"
  • no teams, everyone for themselves
  • if hit go directly to the designated "out" area (against one particular wall)
  • no kicking the balls
  • no cell phones (produces light, duh)
  • no lazer lights (though they looked really cool)
We used Kathy's idea from 13th Article of Faith Dodge Ball , they were given one opportunity to go back into game play if they could recite the 13th Article of Faith to one of the leaders.
The youth didn't want the night to end.  They played multiple games.  Glow ball - no teams.  Glow ball - teams.  Lights on - regular dodge ball.
I am happy to announce that injuries were minimal.  :)


  1. Where did you get the balls? When I click on the picture it says "not found" :(

  2. One of the young women brought them from home. I know they were the Tachikara brand.

    I re-posted with a link to Amazon where you can purchase glow-in-the-dark playground balls around 12.00 each. Not the same brand as we used, but still glow-in-the-dark!

    here is the link:


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