Dodge Ball

13th Article of Faith Dodge Ball

This activity was a BALL. To start out our activity we always start with a prayer, song, and recited our theme for this year. This year's theme is the 13th Article of Faith. In the beginning I have to admit we all sounded a little rusty, but at the end of the night we all harmonized this magnificent scripture with perfection.

To learn and memorize the new scripture, the young men and young women had a friendly game of dodge ball. The rules were if you got out, the only way to get back into the game was to recite the 13th article of faith to one of the members of the bishopric or leader. At first the youth struggled with it but by the end of the night and 5 games later they all had it memorized. Some of the leaders jumped in and learned it as well. At the end of the activity everyone recited the scripture again and it sounded so good. (I got chills) I am so impressed with the willingness and drive our youth had to learn this wonderful scripture.


  1. Great idea, just looking online for some great ideas for tomorrows joint activity. Thanks!

  2. Quick question! I am planning on doing this activity tomorrow and I am trying to figure out the logistics. If the kids keep going back in because they are reciting the AoF, is it the never ending dodgeball game? Just wondering how you worked it and if there was a "winner". This might be fun to play as a Sharks and Minnows game, too! Thanks!!

  3. i really like this ideal! i was trying to find something new and fun for the young men and young women! i will suggest this to my leader next time we meet!



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