The "Scoop" On Leadership

The "Scoop" On Leadership
Bowl... Remember Heavenly father loves you and with out him we become a messy Presidency
Ice cream... 4 scoops represent the Presidency. President, 1st and 2nd Couselor and Secretary. Each scoop is a different flavor each unique.
Nuts... It's OK to be a little nutty some times, have fun with your calling
M&M's... Make some Memories
Butterfinger... Delegate, if you take it all on by yourself things might slip through your hands
Mini Gummy Bears... Love one Another, everyone needs a bear hug sometimes
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups... What is the Peanut Butter cup with out the filling? Invite the spirit to be your guide
Raspberries/Blueberries/Bananas... Fruit of your labors, Serving others not only helps the person you serve but helps your spirit grow.
Marshmallows... Be Thou Humble, Don't become puffed up with pride
Oreo's/Graham Crackers... "That's how the cookie crumbles" Everything always works out, don't stress over the little stuff. Remember it is the Lords will and not your own.
Stawberry/Chocolate/Carmel Sauce... Melt together as a Presidency, just like the sauce it takes time to melt it down until its yummy
Whipped Cream... Patience is the key
Cherry... Like Annie sings, "Your never fully dressed without a smile" Make sure to include everyone
Spoon... Share the Gosple, Share you testimony and most importantly share your light.

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