Glitter Up!

"Thanks Kim for introducing us to Glitter Toes!"

This is so simple and fun to do. You can do it alone, but it is much more fun when you are with your daughters, or girlfriends! Also a perfect activity for Young Women or Faith in God/Activity Days.
I wish I would have taken pictures while everyone was busily working on their pedicures. I did find this photo online to give you an idea of the outcome. These feet are much prettier than mine!
nail polish remover
cotton balls
nail polish - we asked everyone to bring a few of their favorite colors
fine glitter
small paint brush
clear top coat
towels - to make for an easy clean up and help protect your floors :)
1. First choose a nail color you like and a coordinating glitter.
2. Now you can paint! Start with your base coat.

3. Paint your nails with your choice of polish.
4. While paint is still wet, sprinkle glitter* all over each individual toe (or finger) to cover well. You may want to lay a piece of paper under the toes to minimize the mess and to catch the leftover glitter so you can use it again.
*Martha Stewart has a large set of extra fine glitter for around $20.00 at Walmart. The set has pretty much every color of glitter you would want.

5. You can brush off the excess glitter with a small paintbrush, but make sure not to brush directly on the toenail or you can mess up the paint job.
6. Once dry, paint a clear top coat over the glitter to help keep it contained and to add shine to the sparkle.
7. If you so desire... using tweezers, add nail sequins to the top coat before it dries. Then go ahead and add another top coat to keep it in place.
8. Now put your feet up, relax, and enjoy time with the girls while it all dries. (approximately an hour)  This is a great time to go over Personal Progress or Faith in God.

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