Shining Idol

Here's another fun activity Kim's young women put together.  Shining Idol!  They did this as a combined YW activity, but it would also be fun to do with the young men.  It would also make a lively YW Camp activity.  :)
Give the youth an opportunity to "shine".  Have fun!
Preparation for Shining Idol is as simple as 1-2-3:  1) gather silly props, 2) place props into paper grocery bags, and 3) choose appropriate "fun" music.

You could do what Kim did and have a CD for each group and let them choose a song from the CD. 
You could have a certain number of songs chosen beforehand and put them on your iTunes play list. Copy the Shining Idol Microphones below and have each group choose a numbered mic which corresponds to a certain song on your play list.

The youth were divided into 8 groups.  Each group chose a bag of props and CD.  They were given 15 minutes to pick a song and practice.  Then they all met back together for the show.  The judges (in this case - the girls who put the activity together) only gave positive feedback and used phrases like:
"You SHINE!", "You LIT up the stage!", "You are a STAR!", "You have a BRIGHT future!", "You were on FIRE!", etc...

Fill a basket with a cookie CD for everyone.  Star shaped sugar cookies would be fun!  If you have never heard of a cookie CD - it is simply a large cookie placed inside a paper CD sleeve.  Tie it up with ribbon and "Voila!" you have a cookie CD.  Seems fitting for the night.
You could also have an ice bucket filled with bottles of "POP"Star Soda (any pop will do).  Whatever budget allows. :)  By the way, my kids make fun of me for calling it soda pop.  Is it a generation or location thing?

Just in case you want to make your own American Idol look-a-like logo...  I used the Kaufmann-Bold font.  FREE download here.

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