My Mini Room

If you have any girls interested in Interior Design, something like this might be fun...
When my daughter was in elementary school, she had to create a diagram of her bedroom.  This was such a fun project - especially when looking at the finished product.
If you look closely you will see that she printed off tiny photos of book covers from books she was currently reading.  She even printed off a tiny photo of Christ to place on the wall next to the door.  She created a laptop computer from carboard and scrapbook paper.  The Venetian blinds, pillows and comforter were also created using scrapbook paper.  The desk and dressers were fashioned out of cardboard (with stick pins - trimmed - used as drawer handles).  Accent pieces were borrowed from Polly Pocket.  :)
As far as an activity goes, the girls could all come with a box of some sort.  Have scrapbook paper, extra cardboard, glue and a few other "extra materials" on hand.  Have a mini lesson on Interior Design (which could be adapted to PP - KNOWLEDGE #2) .  Then they could spend the rest of the night creating their mini rooms.
Decorating on a Budget
Design, New Era 1971
Let Light Shine through Cleanliness and Beauty, Ensign 1974

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