Lucky You!

We had a great Laurel class activity planned for tonight. Since it was going to be St. Patty's day this week, we decided to focus on service and how lucky we are.
I started off the night by reading part of a talk No Less Serviceable, by Howard W. Hunter.  We talked about how there are some people who seem to be in the limelight all the time.  But, there are others that are the unseen heros who give service to others, not expecting anything in return.
I then asked the girls to think of some one in our ward... an "unseen hero" who would love to receive a winners welcome.
We then made our deliveries to our "lucky" winners (in a Publisher Clearing House way):
  • balloons
  • a poster that all the girls had signed
  • a lucky treat
  • followed by a free hug from all

The reactions of our "lucky" winners was priceless!
Knowing why the girls chose who they did, all came together as we started the fun... We soon found that the first sister we visited lost her husband a year ago yesterday, another lost her husband 8 years ago and it was his birthday today, another spent the whole day in a huge mess rearranging her kitchen and said she needed a hug and another had some health issues taken care of today.
It was amazing to watch the Young Women after each delivery. They truly felt the spirit of happiness and service.


free printable found here, from A Little Tipsy
free printable found here, from It Is What It Is


  1. We just did this activity tonight and I can't believe rewarding it was. I was amazed by the inspiration our YW had to visit 6 special people in our ward. I can see that they were truly touched and know that they are loved.
    One Sister said she had not been feeling part of the ward and this is exactly what she needed. Another had just been diagnosed with an illness. I am so proud!! LOVE, S*P*A*R*K*L*E*

  2. This is such a cute activity and awesome way to show service! Great job! ~Sandy

  3. This is exactly what I was looking for to do with my boys! Thank you!

  4. I'm a relatively new Young Womens President and I did this with our girls last night. I was so amazed at how successful this activity was. The women we visited were so happy and just lit up! They each invited us into their homes and chatted with the girls, and the girls had such a good time visiting with these sisters. It was so wonderful for all involved.

  5. This is how I did it.
    I asked the girls to think of the unsung heroes of the ward. (Librarians, music people, nursery leaders, camp directors and so on Just as a starting point)
    I then read them excerpts of the talk "No less serviceable" by President Hunter. We talked more about service and those that serve.
    Then I had each group think of two people or families that they wanted to thank for their service to the ward. We then broke out the markers, glitter glue, puffy letters, stickers and let the girls go to town making posters for them. That was week one.
    The next week we all met and went to deliver/ surprise the recipients. I called in advance to make sure they would be home and told them I just had something I wanted to drop off to them.
    When we got to their doors we made a lot of noise ( clacker,horns, yelling and cheering) and knocked on the door. We presented them with the poster as if it was a big Publishers Clearing House check ;). We put crowns on their heads, leis, balloons and gave them a small treat. M&M's in a jar with 'much love and many thanks' on the top. I also gave them a quick note that told why and how they were chosen and a copy of the talk to read.
    We got two sweet notes thanking the girls for their kindness.
    We used it for Good Works #6, but you could make it fit into other things too. Just thought I would pass on a success story. We got all the stuff and the poster boards at the Dollar Store. and a helium tank and balloons from Walmart. Thanks for the GREAT IDEA!!!

  6. Janice,

    Oh my gosh! Love this. I also love that you gave them a copy of the talk to read. Thank you! Thank you for sharing your experience! :)



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