Clue Ideas for Where's Waldo

I have had a number of requests for the clues used in the Where's Waldo activity.  Those who have asked for them have been disappointed to hear they are no where to be found.  I did not put that activity together, so I had to make a few calls and send a couple emails - I really have tried to locate them.  :)
I was happy to finally have someone who was willing to share their creativity with the rest of us...  Marie Page shared the following clues for a  activity their youth recently had.  Thank you for sharing!
  • A&F really stands for “Abs and Fragrance.” Come find me fast, I’m getting a headache from the smell! (Abercrombie and Fitch)
  • It seems like I’ve been in the dark for one hundred years. I wish I had more popcorn. (Century Theaters)
  • I ate Wheaties for breakfast this morning, so I fit right in here. (Champs Sports)
  • I’m easy to spot, since this is a place just for children. (The Children's Place)
  • Come find me in the stacks. I’m not sipping coffee, but I am enjoying the free Wi-Fi. (Barnes and Noble)
  • This is the happiest place in the mall! (Disney Store)
  • I just found a new best friend. He hasn’t eaten anything, but he’s stuffed. (Build-A-Bear)
  • I’m looking at a cat, a dog, and a palindrome. (Hannah the Pet Society)
  • I know it’s cheesy, but I pictured being here all day. (The Picture People)
  • I’m hanging out with Prophets,_______________ , and Revelators. (Sears)
  • I am in the most patriotic store. But if you burn it, you buy it! (Yankee Candle)
  • All I’m missing are palm trees and ocean. And the sun, of course. (Sunglass Hut)
  • They card everyone here, but you don’t have to be over 21 to buy something. (Hallmark)
  • I stink. But I won’t by the time I’m done shopping here. I’m spraying all the testers and picking out a new Wallflower. (Bath and Body Works)
  • Friends Abercrombie & Fitch wanted to go play. They tried their friends Macy and Dillard but they weren’t home. So they went to Justine Chase instead.  (JC Penney)
  • Where you go to be non-pc, eat a big mac or take a bite out of an apple? (MAC Store)
If you wanted to, the night could end using the Where's Waldo activity as a gospel lesson.  Here's one idea, it's a stretch, but it might work!  :)   "Clue, Ponder, Play = Joy in finding the Waldos" - "Search, Ponder, Pray = Joy in finding the answers."

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Our ward will be doing this activity later in the year and we will defintely use some of your clues!


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