GAME: What if...? Then...

 What if...? Then...  - a great party game.
Supplies needed:
  • Slips of paper
  • pencils for each player
  • two bowls - one marked "what if...?" and the other marked "then...".

How to Play:
  • Every one takes two slips of paper.
  • Write a "what if...?" question on one. Fold the papers in half and put them in the container marked "what if...?".
  • On the second piece of paper, write the answer to the question, "then...". Fold the papers in half and place them into the container marked "then...".
  • Now comes the fun! Pass the bowls around and have everyone take a folded slip of paper from each bowl.
  • One by one have everyone read their "what if...?" and their "then...". The combinations can be silly and even a bit hilarious at times.

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