New Year. New Opportunities.

Happy New Year!

I was released from the Young Women recently and have been going through withdrawls.  It has been quite some time since I have been anywhere other than Young Women.  It'll take some time (probably a few years) before I get out of the YW mindset.  So, there will still be ideas shared.  Not to mention I am still creating for you girls still serving in the Young Women's program.  :)

I have been called to teach the most adorable children in Primary. (CTR 6)  I have only met with the children once, and I am amazed at their knowledge of the gospel.  I started telling them a story from the lesson and one of the girls said, "I know what happens.  I heard this story when I was in... (she looked up and thought for a moment)...  CTR 4."  This is how most of the lesson went.  I am definitely going to have to pull out my creative guns to make this a learning adventure for us all.

I am open to any and all ideas in the area of Primary.

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  1. When I first joined the church at 18, I was called to the CTR 6. I made these super cute articles of faith handouts to help the kids learn each article, but soon learned that a few kids in my class already knew all 13 articles by heart! It helped me to learn each article, but man, I was pretty intimidated! :) Good luck in your new calling! Heavenly Father will bless you greatly!


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