Willow in the Wind - Trust Lean

How to play: Choose one person to be "The Willow" - anyone who wants to, can take a turn being the willow. They stand in the middle with their feet together, eyes closed, arms crossed and hands on shoulders, keeping body straight. The rest of the group sits in a circle around the willow - heels to the ground, toes pointing up, and feet pressing gently, yet firmly, just above the ankles of the willow.
The group will sit with arms outstretched, elbows locked, fingers loose, ready and alert. The willow will do a "trust lean" and allow them self to be "passed around" the group.
Important: Ensure the group is tight, should-to-shoulder, arms outstretched. In this position, hands should almost touch the person standing in the middle. This ensures that the initial fall will be gentle. Gradually the group can ease back. Distribute large and small people evenly, to avoid weak points.

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