In the Backcountry

Our YM/YW combined activity for the month of December was initially going to be an Etiquette Dinner - but the young men really wanted to have an activity with Dance Instruction.  Really.  So, when we were asked to incorporate it into our activity how could we say no?  :)  This is how we are planning on having it all come together.
1.       FRIENDSHIPS:  Opportunity to Strengthen Friendships.
2.       LIFE SKILLS:  Offer tools (booklet) to learn Basic Etiquette.
3.       CULTURAL ARTS:  Hands on Dance Instruction.

·         Pine cone Seating Assignments:   choose a numbered cone then find corresponding seat
o   start seating with tables 1-6, leaving tables 7-10 last to be filled
o   3 young men and 3 young women at each table – boy/girl/boy/girl/boy/girl
·         Welcome:  
·         Opening Prayer and Blessing on the Food:  by invitation
·         Dinner:   Soup Bowls served by YM/YW Leaders
                      (salad, dessert, and water on table upon arrival)
·         Etiquette Instruction: 
·         Take-A-Way:  Etiquette Booklet *
·         Dance Instruction:  (Ballroom)
·         Last Dance:  all Young Men and Young Women
·         Closing Prayer:  by invitation

o   print, cut, and glue onto card stock (or simply print directly onto card stock)
o   Hand-Out:  Sunday, December  11

o   Green Salad (2x dressings:  ranch and vinaigrette)
o   Bread Bowls
o   Creamy Rice Soup (Lisa Roubicek’s recipe) and/or Chili
o   Triple Chocolate Cake - with red berry accents
o   Ice Water
For our dance instructors, as well as anyone else involved in helping make the night a success, we were thinking of giving them each a bag of Backcountry Twigs (a Treehugger Company specialty) to say "Thank You".  Caramel covered pretzel rods, dipped in milk chocolate, then drizzled in white chocolate - bundled together in a clear cello bag tied with jute and tag (below).

A winter scene (as our dance floor backdrop) leafless trees, a couple pine, river rocks, and even a few bunches of tall river birch - the base of the scene wrapped loosely in white tulle (snow).  Maybe even a few white lights strategically placed in the tulle.  (Girls, does this sound familiar?)  :)
Centerpieces: designed using a combination of twigs, pine cones, cranberries, battery operated tea lights.
SET-UP – see diagram
o   dance floor taped out with FrogTape (because it is green)  :)
o   10 round tables (at least)
o   6 chairs at each table
o   10 round white table cloths (at least)
o   Centerpiece on each table
o   Table numbers placed on each table – see diagram 
o   6 Place Settings at each table
o   plate
o    dinnerware (salad fork, knife, soup spoon, dessert fork)
o    cup
o    napkin – cranberry
o   Etiquette Booklet at each place setting
o   4 spot lights -to shine up into trees
o   20 strands of white lights - to be hung from ceiling hooks – see diagram  
      (will need tall ladder)
o   extension cords
o   sound system (iPod, speakers)
o   15 minutes before arrival set out:
o   pitcher of ice water on each table
o   salad dressing x2 on each table – with spoons
o   fill cups with ice water
o   green salad at each place setting
o   dessert at each place setting

* Etiquette Booklet to come.   And pictures!


  1. This sounds like such a cute activity. I love all the details put into it. I also serve in YW at the moment and unfortunately see a lot of "what can we do that takes as little work/effot as possible, or what's easiest. I'm also all about the details and know what an impact they can make especially with the youth. Thanks for such great ideas.

    I recently started putting all my YW things on a blog and I'd love it if you dropped by.: )

  2. Tiffany, sounds like we are sisters in spirit! :)

    I just visited your blog... what a wonderful collection of ideas.

    I love your black and white night - "there is no grey area with the Lord". The decorations were adorable and what a clever idea to keep with the theme and have the black and white slide show of the girls. I want to be on your team. :)


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