Unplugged: A Little Get-A-Way

There is nothing better than a moment unplugged.  Cell phone off.  Television off.  Computer off.  IPhone off.  You know what I mean.  I know you Phillips girls know what I mean.
One of our wonderful YW leaders (Jill) invited us all up to her cabin this past week.  24 hours of goodness!  The girls left at 3:00 pm on Wednesday and returned home around the same time the next day.

They went kayaking, played games, ate, blew bubbles, slept (surprisingly enough the girls fell asleep by 11:30, while the leaders stayed up to watch the sun rise - so I've been told).  They also hiked to Rancheria Falls, and some even braved the cold waters of Huntington Lake.
By the way, if you are interested in geocaching, here's one at Rancheria Falls for you:
(click box above)
A nice little get-a-way, unplugged.
Side note:  Aside from the photos I took, I borrowed a few photos from Michelle, Ali, and Melanie.  Thanks for capturing the memories girls!
There was even an opportunity for service.
Good Works.  Oh yea!
The two women in the boat needed some assistance getting their boat into reverse.

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