Is it too late for me to have my very own hope chest?  I don't think so.  I realize I am a grown woman, married and with children...  and throughout history a hope chest has been used to collect items by young women in anticipation of married life.  But I still would really like one!

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Hope chest contents usually include typical dowry items such as clothing (especially a special dress), table linens, towels, bed linens, quilts and occasionally dishware.  I have always loved the idea of the hope chest and the treasure they hold.
When we were younger, it was always a special treat being able to go through mom's cedar chest.  Though it began as a hope chest, it became a treasure chest for us, as her daughters.  It held treasures.  It still holds treasures.  "Glimpses into the life of a young women, the one we call mom."  Those cute little earrings from china, do you know the ones I am talking about?  In the light green fabric box with the wooden clasp.  Wooden dishes from Hawaii, she received from Grandpa Burgon.  So many more treasures!
I remember being so jealous, yes jealous, when Kim had Mike build her one for her room.  And more recently, Ryan building one for his sweetheart.  Yes, you Janeal.  Silly me, to be jealous.
It has been awhile now, but I have talked to Mike about building a couple for Brie and Maddy.  Someday, I hope.  For a hope chest.  Ha, Ha. 
By the way, we have such skilled and talented brothers, don't we?
I have been wanting to do this for a long time:
this is an official invitation to join me in
"rediscovering the joys and anticipation of marriage
and the treasures of life"

This is just the beginning.  You haven't heard the last of this!  :)

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  1. We are a "blended" family and recently have struggled with my stepdaughter. A lot of the attitude I chalk up to the 'tween years (and then some), but my grave concern is the disparity of values and morals and I can see the toll this confusion is taking on her.

    For her 12th birthday, her father (my husband and recent convert of Latter-Day Saint-ism for 1-1/2 years now) suggested a HOPE CHEST. The fact that he was raised with 2 older brothers and a one little sister by their mother who worked as many as 5 jobs at a time is significant.

    The new priesthood leader in our home, her father, frequently has random INSPIRING thoughts, like this, that bring me to instant tear-stained cheeks.

    HOPE CHEST...the guardian of virtue treasure box... inspiring!!!


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