Photo Scavenger Hunt

Maddy had a fun class activity last night.  A photo scavenger at our local Target store.  This is the list of photos their teams were to find (put together by her awesome leaders Jill and Heather):
1.  Something yellow, with two team members in the picture.
2.  Something with a wheel, with a stranger in the picture.
3.  Three hats on a team member's head all at the same time.
4.  Some food that nobody on your team likes, with your finger in the picture.
5.  A long and skinny garden tool, with your foot in the picture.
6.  A heart, held up to your heart.
7.  Something with polka dots, with a team member in the picture.
8.  Try on a jacket and take a picture.
9.  Something you would buy for twin boy and girl babies.
10.  One team member reading a book.
11.  Something you would like to put on your bed, with your elbow in it.
12.  A flashlight that cross under $5.00, with proof.
13.  Pokemon cards in your hand.
14.  Sunglasses - on the back of your head.
15.  Something with Dora on it and your finger in the picture.
16.  Something with Batman on it and your finger in the picture.
17.  Point to a shelf price marker with the number 3 on it.
18.  The most expensive pack of toilet paper you can find with your knee in the picture.
19.  A Black and Decker appliance with your hand in the picture.
20.  A wooden spoon in your hand and a smile on your face.
21.  Something for wedding with your knee in the picture.
22.  A "G"rated movie, with your elbow in the picture.
23.  A greeting card that is for a grandparent, in your hand.
24.  A toothbrush and toothpaste that are the same color.
25.  A team member standing next to something that you can buy, but is too heavy to pick up.

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