Cut and Wrap T-Shirt

When I was searching for some new ways to use a plain white t-shirt, I found this fun wrap around top tutorial.  How cute, worn over another shirt...  keeping it modest!
I thought it might be fun for our dance themed YW Camp.  The girls could tie dye or spray paint the shirts how ever they would like.
Kinda reminds me of the up, tuck, and pull we would do with our shirts as kids.  Singing and dancing to "I Got The Music In Me", infront of the white rock fireplace.  Now that I think about it, more than half of you girls weren't even born yet.  Boy, I'm gettin' old!
Below are my own step-by-step photos.
men's v-neck t-shirt
cut the neck out
cut the bottom trim off
cut up the middle of the shirt's front

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