Around the World in 80 minutes

This activity was a fun, active activity.  It takes your group on a trip around the world (in a manner of speaking).  Begin by dividing your group into even teams.  At each location they are given a challenge (Minute To Win It style) to complete before moving on. 
We had a similar party for Maddy and her friends at the end of the school year.  We adapted the challenges a bit to fit teams made up of only two people.
The photos are a combination of both the YM/YW Activity and the End of School Year Party.
Paper Dragon: First team to wind each of their rolls of crepe paper around their arms wins.
Supplies:  Red Crepe Paper Rolls for each team
Ice Sculpture:  Using Ice Blocks… Each team has 5 minutes to create an ice sculpture.  Using Ice Cubes… must stack 10 ice cubes on top of each other.  First team to successfully stack 10 ice cubes without having it fall down wins.
Supplies:  Ice block or Ice Cubes for each team
Tortilla Toss:    Everyone wrote their name on the tortillas with permanent marker.  Team with the furthest toss wins.
Supplies:  Corn Tortillas, permanent marker
Tied Up Tea Party:  Teams sit in a circle, with hands tied together.  First team to unwrap and eat cakes wins.
Supplies:  Ties for wrists, tea cakes (ding dongs/twinkies/powdered donuts) for each person.
Blarney Stone:  First team to find the largest, smoothest stone wins.
Supplies:  n/a
Mummy Wrap:  First team to wrap chosen team member with 3 rolls of toilet paper wins.
Supplies:  3 rolls of toilet paper for each team
Root Beer Chug:  First team to finish 2 liter of root beer wins.  (Cans of root beer were used with two-player teams.)
Supplies:  2 liter root beer for each team, paper cup for each team member
Blind Tribal Drum Walk: Baskets to be carried on team member’s heads, blindfolded, following the beat of the tribal drum. First team to get everyone to the drum wins.  The teams chose to walk together.
Supplies:  One drum. Blindfolds for each team. Baskets optional.
Pizza Dough Toss: Each team to stand in a line.  The dough is to be tossed up the line and back.  First team with a nicely tossed pizza crust wins.
Supplies:  Large Ball of Pizza Dough for each team
Boomerang Train:  Teams stand in a line.  Each team has a large spoon with a spool of yarn tied to it.  The first team to weave the spoon through each team member all the way down the line (and back if you want) wins.  Yes, through pants and shirts, nothing more.
Supplies:  Spoon, Yarn for each team


  1. Thanks for sharing your ideas! This looks amazingly fun and we are trying it tonight! Thanks again!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! We are doing something similar tonight and I'm excited!

    Britney @ The Princess & Her Cowboys


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