I'm a little excited about tonight's activity.  In planning class activities, the girls decided they wanted to have a storybook night.  A night when each young women would bring their favorite children's book to read.  How are we turning this into an "opportunity for learning and growth"?  A night geared to learning the art of storytelling.
The night could also prepare the girls for a future service activity.  Set aside a time for the Young Women to host a storytelling night for the primary children.
The night will began with a couple games.  I found some wonderful instructions for storytelling here.  The following games came from Session 4.
“Counting from One to Ten" Game:   learning to speak with expression
1. Read a paragraph from a book in a monotone, and then read with expression.
2. Discuss their reactions.
3. What is the difference between the two?  Clearly, monotone is the way we speak when we don't want people to be interested in what we are saying, so we need to put expression into our storytelling.
4. Now call on different young women, asking them to count from one to ten:

  • As if you were an angry parent who said, "I am going to count to ten and if you're not in the bedroom by the time I get to ten you're in big trouble."
  • As a toddler just learning to count
  • As if you were very sad because you thought everyone had forgotten your birthday, but then you walked into your living room and saw ten birthday presents sitting on the floor. How would you count them?
  • As if you were a referee for a boxing match and you were counting someone out
  • As if you were telling someone a telephone number over a bad connection
  • As if you were counting pennies as you dropped them into a piggy bank
"Pass the Face" Game:   learning facial expressions
1. Sit in a circle.
2. Start by making a face and showing it to everyone in the circle.
3. Then, turn to the person beside you.
4. That person copies your expression and shows it to everyone then makes a different face and passes it on to the next person.
5. Round and round we go!
Next the girls will take turns reading their books to the group.  It should provide a great opportunity for the young women to practice public speaking in a small group, not to mention using fun material.
This is the book I am going to share:  Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?

To go along with the "youthful" theme, we will snack on Jell-O jigglers, popcorn, plus all the goodies the Young Women bring to share.
ACTIVITY (time permitting)
Time permitting, we will make Yarn and Cereal Necklaces, blow bubbles, and maybe even play with play dough.  Who knows?

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  1. E. Johnson, GermanyMarch 9, 2011 at 1:50 AM

    We did this activity last week and the girls loved it. It's amazing how many ways, expression included, you can count to the #10. They loved that game! It was fun to hear the girls put there own verbal spin on each story.

    We had finger foods and then strung fruitloop necklaces, great suggestion! It helped the girls understand that spending time with little ones can be very fun for everyone. This activity also helped the girls see that voice inflection can make or break a story/presentation. I think our Young Women will carry this activity with them for a very long time, Thanks!!!


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