Opening Exercises

Here's a question directed towards opening exercises:  What have you done to create an atmosphere where the Young Women feel the spirit, feel appreciated and know they are loved?

The following was found here.
Opening exercises are held with all young women and leaders.  They normally include the following:
  • Prelude music. This invites the Spirit.
  • Welcome and announcements by a young woman who is a class officer.
  • Opening hymn directed by a young woman.
  • Opening prayer by a young woman.
  • Reciting of the Young Women theme. “The theme needs no embellishment. It is not preceded by statements or charges. We don’t hold hands. We just stand and say it. It is powerful in and of itself in the hearts of the girls”   - Susan W. Tanner, Young Women General President
  • Additional music, if desired.
  • Song or hymn practice. Occasionally, it is appropriate to spend a few minutes learning a song or hymn for a Young Women event.

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  1. Having the room ready and music playing before the young women arrive.


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