Iron Chef: Finding Value in Cooking

Use “Iron Chef: Finding Value in Cooking” as a way to introduce the Young Women Values, emphazise the monthly focus Value, or support the Mutual Theme.  Three different ways to play!
1) Create a Dish using the Secret Value Ingredient(s)
2) Create a Recipe Card
3) Come up with a Value Tag Line and/or Thought

Must complete goals within the set time frame.
May use a total of 2 kitchen helps from the Head Chef (leader).

1) Quickly divide into teams.
2) The Head Chef (leader) will reveal the Secret Value Ingredient(s).
3) The team will be given 5 minutes to come up with a plan and assignments.
....Once the timer goes off teams should be at their stations ready to create their dishes.
4) The Head Chef begins the competition by saying:
....“So now Young Women (Young Men), with an open heart and an empty stomach,
......I say to you in the words of my mother: Start Cooking!”
5) Teams will have 45 minutes to create their dishes, recipe cards, and taglines.
.....Once the timer goes off all dishes should be brought immediately to the judging table.

A total of 30 points can be rewarded:
Taste 10 pts
Presentation 05 pts
Originality 05 pts
Recipe Card 05 pts
Value Tagline 05 pts
Divide into 8 teams (Young Women, Parents, and Leaders). Give each team a different Secret Value Ingredient - making sure all values/colors are covered.
For example:
Team 1 Faith Marshmallows
Team 2 Divine Nature Blueberries
Team 3 Individual Worth Tomatoes
Team 4 Knowledge Cucumbers
Team 5 Choice & Accountability Mandarin Oranges
Team 6 Good Works Mustard
Team 7 Integrity Eggplant
Team 8 Virtue Honey
Use “Iron Chef: Finding Value in Cooking” as a way to introduce or emphasize the monthly focus value. Divide young women into teams of two or three. Give each team the same Secret Value Ingredient, using the value/color you are focusing on that particular month.
Use “Iron Chef: Finding Value in Cooking” as a way to reinforce the Mutual Theme. Divide into 6 teams. Give each team the same Secret Ingredient, but give teach team a different Tagline Theme.
Tagline Theme Example: 2009 Mutual Theme “Be thou an example of the believers…”
Team 1 In Word
Team 2 In Conversation
Team 3 In Charity
Team 4 In Spirit
Team 5 In Faith
Team 6 In Purity

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