2011 Monthly Focus

Do you have a monthly value focus?  I love it when there is a value to focus on each month.  Why?  I believe it helps support the values and instills a stronger foundation for the Young Women.
Just a few Ideas:
  • Each Fast Sunday:  give your Personal Progress Leader or member of the YW Presidency a few minutes after Opening Exercises to introduce the focus for the month.
  • Give the YW a simple handout to help them remember what the monthly focus is.  It could be as simple as a piece of paper (value color) with the Value, Scripture and Value Tag line found here:   FAITH, DIVINE NATURE, INDIVIDUAL WORTH, KNOWLEDGE, CHOICE AND ACCOUNTABILITY, GOOD WORKS, INTEGRITY, VIRTUE
  • Challenge the YW to complete a specific Personal Progress activity during the month.
  • Try to have your weeknight activities tie into the monthly focus.
This is what the year looks like for our YW:
January:  Faith
February:  Individual Worth
March:  Knowledge
April:  Our Savior/Easter - "The Living Christ"
May:  Virtue
June:  Good Works
July:  Divine Nature
August:  Integrity
September:  Choice and Accountability
October:  Stake Youth Musical
November:  Gratitude/Thanksgiving
December:  Our Savior/Christmas

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