Faith is like a Seed.

For Family Home Evening (FHE), a lesson was taught on Faith.  We each planted a paper white bulb (absolutely fool proof).  These were placed in multiple locations throughout our home (kitchen, bathroom counter, on the piano, bedroom dressers, bookshelves...).  They have served as a reminder of our own personal faith in our Savior growing each day.

"Faith is like a little seed, if planted it will grow."
Children's Song Book #96

This would also be a wonderful activity to support the Young Women Value:  Faith.
bag of bulbs (approximately $15.00 for 25 bulbs - Sam's Club or Home Depot)
pebbles or soil  (I only used pebbles- no soil)
container for each Young Women (they could even bring their own containers to decorate
This is all we did:  Filled containers with soil/pebbles no more than one inch from the top.  Placed bulbs, pointed end up, on top of soil/pebbles.  Made sure bulbs were secure.  Filled containers with water so that the base of bulb touched water.  Then we waited.  Watched.  Added sunshine and more water when needed.
I found that paper whites do not smell all that great, but they sure are pretty.  They also grow quite tall and tip over easily when planted alone (great analogy here!).  We found that the bulbs grow better in clusters. 
I found this tutorial for forcing paper whites, using empty quart sized paint cans from Home Depot.

What about planting a few to give away as neighbor gifts, visiting teaching, mother's day, the possibilities are endless!

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  1. This would make for a great and inexpensive mother's day gift for pthe primary children to make. Thanks for the idea. Do you know how much the paint cans cost at home depot?


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