Leadership Training: Picnic Ants

Our YW President presented this at one of our board meetings. She couldn't remember where she found it, and I cannot find the true source on the internet. Who ever put this together did an excell-ANT job! As for the graphics - those were created by FreshaireDesign (me).
Leadership and teamwork.
Build relationships.
Have fun.
red checkered tablecloths
picnic baskets
paper ants
Sandwiches (see below)
Green Salad
Frogeye Salad
Ants on a Log
Chocolate Chip Cookies
"Which ANT am I?"
Red Rover, Red Rover
Frisbee Football
Did you ever feel that you "sandwich" your spiritual needs in between everything else that demands your time like school, chores, sports, so your spiritual needs often turn out to be a last minute "jam" sandwich! Let's prioritize and make a fulfilling sandwich.

Picnic Sandwich with Value
BREAD (faith): Bread is the foundation of your sandwich, made from nutritious wheat, the "staff of life". our personal testimonies are our foundation that begins with faith. Remember to build each day with prayer in Jesus Christ.
MUSTARD (Good Works): Most of us like a little extra "tang" mustard gives our sandwich. Like the proverbial mustard seed, we should all be prepared for those extra challenges of our calling and remember to serve others because we love them. Contact that less active friend.
MEAT (Divine Nature): The meat of teh subjects is WHO WE ARE or our divine nature. To make a sandwich a real meal, it helps to add meat. We all to "meet" regularly together to partake of the sacrament, to strengthen our testimonies, and to learn gospel principles. Some like a little ham on their sandwiches. Occasionally, "Hamming" it up can add a splash of fun to your life and that's no bologna.
CHEESE (Choice & Accountability): We all like to feel important once in a while. So occasionally, choose to let other be the "big cheese" and delegate some of the responsibility. Share some of the glory with them. Involve other class members and even if they fail it allows them to be accountable for their actions.
TOMATO (Individual Worth): Some may say "tah may ta" and other may say "to-mah-toe". And anyway you say it, we all need to appreciate everyone's individual differences. We each have our own individual style and ways of doing things. Listen to everyone's ideas and recognize their individual worth.
PICKLE (knowledge): Have you ever seen a baby taste a pickle for the first time? Some things just have to be experienced to be learned. We gain knowledge in so many ways. Don't find yourself "caught in a pickle" remember to plan ahead. If you throw together an activity at the last minute, if could cause all to "pucker" Study the scriptures so you will be prepared to share the knowledge with others.
LETTUCE (integrity): Our sandwich wouldn't be complete without the crisp crunch of lettuce. "Lettuce" have integrity. In each area of our lives, "lettuce" endure, "lettuce" cooperate, "lettuce" be prayerful and stand for truth and righteousness.


CHIPS: everyone need to "chip" in to make a picnic or activity successful. Always offer to help.
7-UP: remember to add sparkle/bubble and enthusiasm to your attitude.
KNIFE: never have a sharp tongue with other, but rather a sharp mind.
FORK: Dig into the scriptures. Don't let any golden changes slip you by.
SPOON: A spoonful of love should be given daily and sprinkled all week long.
GLASS: Quench your spiritual thirst by attending all church meetings.
PLATE: Gospel-centered spiritual food is what our Savior would have us eat.
NAPKIN: get absorbed in your callings and seminary.
Let the Young Women think of a connection for a few picnic items, such as ...
Picnic Ants: Developing excell-ANTS in leadership
No picnic is complete without those uninvited guests called ants. You will find that we leaders will keep "bugging" you about your stewardship throughout the year, but it is only because we love you. We want you to succeed and to Come unto Christ. After all, if we didn't have any bugs, we wouldn't have anything to overcome, and there would be no challenges to help us grow. So, let's talk about some ants that may attend our picnic. Black ants are the good qualities that we need to personally seek and praise others for when we see them. The red ants are the fire ants or negative qualities that we need to identify and eliminate in ourselves. Seek out and build up the good in yourself and others.
COMPET-ANTS (black) - She is full of ability and is great at prioritizing.
OBSERV-ANTS (black) - She notices what is going on around her. She watches other leaders and learns from them. She keeps her eyes open.
RESILI-ANTS (black) - She bounces back easily when things dont go her way. She is easy going and willing to make changes to suit the needs of others.

SERV-ANTS (black) - This little gal realizes that to be a true leader, she must serve those she is called to lead. She goes the extra miles in helping those around her rather than judging them.
TAL-ANTS (black) - She is willing to share her talents with others. When asked to participate, she willingly donates her time and talents.
INFORM-ANTS (black) - She is always aware of what is going on, keeps the facts straight and passes information onto class members.
COMPLEM-ANTS (black) - She is the first one to notice others talents and abilities. She always tells people of the good things she hears about them. Uses honest praise.
BOUY-ANTS (black) - She lifts other up! She is always cheerful and seems to be floating on air. She always has a smile and a kind word.
DILIG-ANT (black) - She works hard and tries to do all that is expected of her.
REVER-ANTS (black) - This little any has a reverence for sacred things. She knows when to be quiet, when to listen and when its appropriate to talk. She attends the temple regularly.
SELF RELI-ANTS (black) - This busy ant has initiative. She tackles things head on and has the confidence in her abilities to accomplish anything.
DISOBEDI-ANTS (red) - This person thinks the rules don't apply to them. She thinks it is cool to break the rules and encourages others to join in the mischief.
DEFI-ANTS (red) - She does what she wants, when she wants, and how she wants without regard for others' feelings or experiences.
ARROG-ANTS (red) - She turns up her nose to anyone or to any activity that she didn't plan or doesn't like. She often feels that things are beneath her, lame and or boring.
INDEC-ANT (red) - This sassy ant thinks that "if you got it flaunt it". She buys her shirts to small and shorts too short. She does not understand who she really is.

1. mini brown paper bag, watermelon candies

2. bookmark, tied with red and white gingham ribbon

3. chocolate chip cookie in a paper CD case


recipe here


  1. I love this so much! Thank you for the very detailed note!!!

  2. What is the red rover part?

  3. Can you share what your team-building activities were? sandra.lesh@gmail.com

  4. Can you share what your team-building activities were? sandra.lesh@gmail.com


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