Stake Activity Days Girls Camp

Today was the yearly {Stake Activity Day Girls Camp} for the 8, 9, 10, and 11 year old girls. The theme was "I am a Child of God".

I am one of the Faith In God leaders in our ward, so Maddy and I made a day of it. As we arrived the girls were given a colored sticker - which was used to divide them into groups of 10+ for the mini-class rotations. They also decorated paper bags with stickers and markers. These were to be used to carry the items they received throughout the day. After instructions were given, we were off! I was asked to help steer one of the groups through the mini-class rotations. We had a good time. It was fun to spend the day with Maddy.

There were five mini-classes:
1. Healthy Snacks

The instructor talked to the girls about the new food pyramid. Emphasis was making healthy food choices. There were four stations set-up where the girls made {smoothies}, (almost s'mores}, {peanut butter balls}, and {after school sushi}. After sampling all of their yummy snacks, each girl was given their very own cookbook and apron.

Here's one of the recipes for you to try: (it was surprisingly good)
flour tortilla shell
2 tbsp peanut butter
1 tsp honey
1/2 banana
grated carrots
Mix together peanut butter and honey.
Spread onto tortilla shell.
Sprinkle with grated carrots.
Place banana in the middle of tortilla.
Roll up and slice into 5 pieces.
(hint: use a little peanut butter to hold tortilla shut)

Maddy used her cookbook to make {dessert nachos} for our family.

2. Holy Ghost
Kelli Brown was the instructor. She talked about the importance of being quiet and listening to the holy ghost. She ran the girls through a great learning activity. She through a bunch of crayons and paper onto the floor and told the girls to take one of each. While the girls were gathering their items, Kelli turned on a radio. Then she turned her laptop and started a DVD. Next a cell phone, then a toy, a noisy game, and a few other items. Then, in a whisper, she asked the girls to number their papers 1 to 7. She told them, they were going to take a quiz. Still in a whisper, she asked question #1 - What is your name? #2 - When is your birthday? #3 - #4 - #5 - #6 - #7 -. By the end of the quiz the girls were either frustrated or had just given up. There were a few who did their very best to listen through all the noise, but it was difficult. She turned off the toys, the cell phone, laptop, radio, etc...

She had a great discussion with the girls about the importance of "being quiet and listening to the spirit". "Be still and know that I am."

3. Painted Flower Pots
The girls used acrylic paints to decorate their own flower pots.

Maddy putting her creative juices to work.

4. Search the Scriptures
The instructor pointed out two maps. One of the state of California and another of the Fresno area. She asked the girls which map they would use to find 'Sally's' house. Both maps were good maps. One showed the big picture and the other provided details. (I'm really giving you the shortened version) she them compared the maps to the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Explaining that they are both good books. The Bible giving us the big picture and the Book of Mormon giving us details. (I'll elaborate on this when I have more time - it was a good lesson).

She then showed the girls a rock and a sponge. She asked, "Which of these do you think will soak up most of the water?" Then she proceeded to place each in a separate bowl of water. Of course the sponge soaked up the water and the rock just got wet. She then talked about studying the scriptures - "soak up the scriptures".

Learned the song: (I liked the song but cannot remember the name of it - I'll figure it out)

5. Yoga/DanceThis was Maddy's favorite class. The girls were taught the Electric Slide and various Yoga poses. The instructor discussed with the girls the importance of daily physical activity. She did a good job helping the girls realize firsthand the energy you gain from doing something as simple as a stretch.

"It's Electric!"

Lunch Menu
peanut butter and jelly or ham and cheese
bag of chips
baby carrots and ranch dressing
freshly baked chocolate chip cookie
bottled water

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